An event with representatives of the Moscow and foreign tourism industries in which participants have access to online conversations (B2B meetings), as well as demonstrate new opportunities of the Russian capital for generating deferred demand for tourists from other countries and regions.


• Presentation of Moscow’s tourism potential to representatives of the tourism industry in foreign countries;
• One-to-one individual online negotiation system using’s technology tools.


• Expanding B2B communications with the foreign tour industry to increase loyalty to the destination and to intensify sales of tour packages to Moscow;
• Bringing business activity between the Moscow travel industry and foreign participants to a new level;
• Building long-term cooperation with foreign representatives;
• Raising awareness of modern Moscow and its attractiveness to the foreign travel industry.

Upcoming events

Past events

Meet Global MICE Congress

 October 06, 2023

Fam-trip of the tourism industry representatives and MICE companies of the Republic of India

 December 15, 2022



Fam-trip for the Middle East countries

 September 19, 2022

Заявочная кампания на участие туриндустрии Москвы в Astana Travel Expo (г. Нур-Султан, Казахстан)


Digital Roadshow for South East Asia

 July 26-27, 2022

DigitalRoadShow for India

 December 7-9, 2021

DigitalRoadShow for France, Monaco and Benelux

 October 18-20, 2021

DigitalRoadShow for Spain

 September 28-30, 2021

DigitalRoadShow for Middle East

 August 09-12, 2021

DigitalRoadShow for Italy

 June 15-17, 2021

DigitalRoadShow for Germany

 February 1-4, 2021

DigitalRoadShow for India

 December 15-18, 2020

DigitalRoadShow for Southeast Asian countries

 December 07-10, 2020

DigitalRoadShow for the GCC countries

 June 23, 2020